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Supporting our Broadband Partnership

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The Milwaukee Broadband Partnership

Ensure the digital equity and inclusion of every resident

The Milwaukee Broadband Partnership aims for universal access to affordable, reliable broadband for all residents of Greater Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Broadband Partnership (MBP) represents the executive leadership of Milwaukee’s civic, commerce, education, healthcare, philanthropic, and governmental sectors. The MBP’s unifying objective is to achieve universal and equitable access to affordable, high-speed internet throughout Greater Milwaukee. 

The MBP aims to identify a multi-modal approach for improving broadband availability, accessibility, affordability, and adoption throughout Greater Milwaukee. This involves aligning stakeholders of all kinds, including new and existing internet service providers, into a comprehensive network focused on broadband equity for all. 

The goal is transformative, and the MBP recognizes that no one sector can achieve it alone. Any solution to Milwaukee’s digital divide will require the alignment of governmental investments (local, state, federal) with long-term sustainability support from commercial, civic, and philanthropic partners. 

- Milwaukee Broadband Partnership

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